Paintings from the last few years. 

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Kerry and Krishna, Oil on Canvas, 2015,

Barry, Mental Health Advocate, Public Speaker, Voice Hearer,  38"x27" inches Oil on Canvas 2014

Michael Portrait, Oil on Canvas, 18"x24" inches, 2015
Ariana portrait, oil on canvas, 18"x24" inches 2015

Virgin Mother, Oil on Canvas, 21"x17" inches, 2013.

Saint, 30"x19" inches 2014

Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 17"x14" inches, 2013.

Grandmother, 18"x15" inches 2014

Eva, Oil on Canvas, 23"x15" inches, 2013

The Lamentation, 70"x42" inches Oil on Canvas

St. Agatha, oil on canvas, 2012

St. Lucia, Oil on Canvas, 2012

After the Laceration, oil on canvas, 32"x44".  2011

The Beheading, oil on canvas, 38"x50" inches.  2011

The Martyrdom, oil on canvas, 54"x36".  2011

The Laceration, oil on canvas, 56"x34" inches.  2011

St. Sebastian, oil on canvas, 52"x28".  2011

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